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About us

Founded in 1963 by the late Robert Lay Grubb, Jr., the company and its affiliates began developing hundreds of single-family homes and apartment homes in Davidson County, N.C. By the late 1970s, the company was acquiring and operating larger multifamily communities. In the 1980s, the company increased its acquisition program and pioneered the conversion of apartments to condominiums for sale to investors. By the 1990s, the company had begun another aggressive acquisition program, which included approximately 2,000 apartment homes and 700,000 square feet of office space. Grubb Properties is now a vertically integrated real estate operating company owned by its employees and board members, with offices in Charlotte, Cary, and Lexington, N.C., and Atlanta, Ga. Over the last 25 years, Grubb Properties has completed more than $2 billion in investment transactions, including seven private equity real estate funds. Properties have encompassed more than 4 million commercial square feet and more than 15,000 residential units in both acquisition and development programs, focused in the southeastern U.S.

Vision & Values

People who care. Places that matter.
That tag line flows from our company’s vision, which began in 1963 with the development, sales and nonprofit financing of more than 300 homes to residents in minority neighborhoods around Davidson County, N.C. These families, cut off from traditional bank financing of that era due to redlining, were able for the first time in their lives to realize the American dream of home ownership, thanks to our innovative structure.

Today, Grubb Properties is a full-service real estate company with offices in North Carolina’s major metropolitan markets including the Raleigh, Charlotte, Greensboro, and Atlanta regions. The company has completed more than $2 billion investment transactions since its inception through strategic joint ventures, property level syndications and the creation of eight real estate funds. We currently operate properties in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, and Virginia, and target investment opportunities throughout the southeastern U.S.

Grubb Properties looks to scale its capital resources alongside partners and investors at both the asset level and through programmatic joint ventures where it can acquire well-located assets and create sustainable value. Over the decades since 1963, as we acquired a broader set of competencies and an extensive history of innovative projects and partnerships, the company has remained true to its original core values – to make a difference in the communities where we invest, develop and manage real estate.

As part of our commitment to creating community, Grubb Properties caps rental increases for long-term residents, enhancing the stability of our neighborhoods.

Green Initiatives
Grubb Properties’ commitment to energy efficiency runs deep throughout every aspect of the company’s business, from energy audits of properties, to daily office practices in the corporate headquarters. Sustainability is one of the key attributes of every employee’s annual performance review.

Grubb Properties has been a leader in energy savings since 1994, when it had its first energy audit and invested less than $100,000 in a property to then reap more than $40,000 in annual savings. Now, every property in our portfolio has its utility performance measured quarterly to identify best practices as well as improvements needed. The company pursues LEED and National Green Building Standard certifications for its properties when possible. The company’s CEO has served on the Board of the Environmental Defense Fund and continues to be active in environmental policy and stewardships.

Grubb Properties is proud to be a participant in the EDF Climate Corps fellowship program. EDF recruits leading graduate students from the country's top academic programs, trains them, and places them in companies, cities and universities where they become champions of energy efficiency for the summer, analyzing energy-saving opportunities and developing customized energy efficiency investment plans. EDF Climate Corps delivers energy and cost savings today, while training tomorrow's leaders to create value through environmental initiatives.

Corporate Team

Becky Alcione

Administrative Assistant

Kay Allen

Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Lisa Arthur

Regional Property Manager, Multifamily

Laura Austin

Finance Coordinator

Suzanne Bereis

Senior Commercial Property Manager

Sanekia Blazek

AP/AR Specialist

Dustin Brilliant

Dustin Brilliant - Information Systems Engineer

Scott Brown

President and Chief Operating Officer

Christy Burns

Commercial Broker

Sharon Byrd

Senior Property Accountant

Tony Caietta

Property Accountant

Shawn Cardner

Senior Vice President - Information Technology

Danielle Carr

Property Manager

Heather Carraway

Assistant, Human Resources

Jon Courville

Project Superintendent

Ron Cox

Maintenance and Safety Director

Stephanie Craig

Senior Property and Fund Accountant

Jeff Cramner

Information Systems Engineer

Dollie Cunningham

Property Accountant

Nick DePaoli

Multifamily Assistant

Robert Duguid

Vice President - Project Management & Construction

Joe Dye

Executive Vice President - Commercial

Todd Edwards

Property Controller

Iris Esguerra

Yardi Project Manager and Business Analyst, IT

Emily Ethridge

Corporate Communications Manager

Austin Everett

Vice President - Finance

Seun Falade

Senior Associate – Development

Ryan Ferguson

Project Superintendent

Clay Grubb


Julie Hatch

Assistant Property Controller

Charlie Henderson

Associate – Investments

Danielle Hill

Executive Assistant & Estimating Coordinator

Anna Hirosawa

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Gayle Hoffee

Executive Administrator – Commercial Division

Brandi Howell

Property Accountant

Rick Jenkins

Director – Construction and Development

Tim Jezisek

Vice President – Development

Amy Larkin

Senior Property Accountant

Ken Lawler

Director - Construction Services

Anna LeGrand

Accounting Assistant

Alan Lindholm

Administrative Assistant/Office Manager

Henry Lomax

Chief Financial Officer

Sherry Long

Vice President – Investor Relations

Christy Lotte

Executive Assistant – Investments

Bonnie MacLean

Lease Administrator - Commercial

Michael Macklin

Project Superintendent

Mark Mallard

Vice President – Commercial

Emily Memije

Senior Development Accountant

Dave Mester

Director – Commercial

Joan Miller

Property Accountant

Rob Miller

Senior Vice President - Finance

Lawrie Myers

Director - Training

Katie Noble

Benefits Manager

Paul O’Shaughnessy

Senior Associate – Development

Chad Pearson


Mike Pickering

Property Manager

Susan Ricciardi

Assistant Property Manager – Commercial

Britt Risch

Senior Analyst – Finance

Andrew Rosti

Associate - Investments and Research

Jason Rushing

Multifamily Regional Manager, Director

Dan Schumacher

Executive Vice President - Project Management & Construction

Megan Slocum

Vice President – Multifamily

Lorraine Sowers


Erin Stanford

Director - Commercial Operations

Weyni Stubbs

AP/AR Specialist

Betty Swicegood

Payroll Coordinator

Hannah Temple

Property Manager

Frank Tetel

Director - Investments

Michael Threlkeld

Director – Finance

Eric Wallet

Property Manager

Danielle Werdunn

Marketing Specialist - Multifamily

Laura White

Marketing Director – Multifamily

Todd Williams

Chief Investment Officer

Sherry Yarborough

Regional Property Manager