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Link Apartments℠ Montford

A Bridge to Essential Housing: Grubb Properties Welcomes First Lotus Campaign Residents

By Grubb Properties Development Team

For Melina, there was no better Christmas gift than a new home. The 48-year-old and her daughter moved into Link Apartments℠ Montford just two weeks before the holiday, 90 days after she first entered a homeless shelter.

Link Apartments℠ Montford Lotus Campaign
Melina in her new home at Link Apartments℠ Montford. Photo courtesy of Lotus Campaign.

Melina’s new home was the result of Grubb Properties’ participation in Lotus Campaign, a non-profit battling homelessness in the region. Lotus serves as a bridge between nonprofits, those who identify people at risk of homelessness, and landlords. Lotus provides tenants with the social services they need and provides economic incentives to landlords to minimize their risks.

Lotus Campaign and Grubb Properties team
Lotus Campaign and Grubb Properties team

Using private capital, Lotus Campaign guarantees rent and offers other securities on market-rate units to offset credit checks and rental histories for people experiencing homelessness. All program participants also receive ongoing coaching from social service partners, ensuring that they develop the necessary skills to stay healthy and housed. Lotus Campaign can move previously homeless people into unstigmatized housing and thriving communities in a matter of days.

Link Apartments℠ Montford Lotus Campaign.
Melina in her new home at Link Apartments℠ Montford. Photo courtesy of Lotus Campaign.

Link Apartments℠ Montford has since welcomed one other Lotus Campaign client. Michelle and her 14-year-old son moved into their new apartment in early March, ahead of schedule. Her son had been in the hospital and expected to be brought back to their transitional housing facility when he was released. Instead, Michelle was able to bring him to their new apartment in Montford.

“Michelle cried when she first entered her new home, knowing she was bringing her son back there for a wonderful surprise,” said Grubb Properties’ Regional Manager Brittney Crandall. “Making a positive impact in another’s world and knowing that the company has been a part of that has been tremendously rewarding.”

For more information about Grubb’s work to improve the communities in which we operate, download our 2022 ESG Report here.