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ESG matters to grubb properties

ESG Matters: Documenting Our Priorities

“As many of you know, my father started this company in 1963 with a focus on providing housing for those who were cut out of the system. He primarily built houses in red-lined neighborhoods and provided 100% financing for many of those folks to get homes and become homeowners who otherwise wouldn’t have had that opportunity. Today, Grubb Properties is focused almost exclusively on providing housing for the missing middle, what we call essential housing. It is probably the most critical component of housing in the United States today.”

With these comments, CEO Clay Grubb introduced Grubb Properties’ inaugural ESG report, ESG Matters.

ESG – environmental, social, and governance – factors have been central to Grubb Properties since its founding, long before they became central in the minds of today’s real estate investors.

Grubb Properties

In the January 18 webinar, Clay was joined by Grubb Properties executives James Holleman, Vice President, Capital Formation, Private Wealth; Colin Walker, Sustainability Manager; and Megan Slocum, Managing Director of Development. The webinar also featured Michael Wexler, Director, Montreal, of Copenhagenize, a leader in bike infrastructure development and consulting globally. Copenhagenize has partnered with Grubb on bicycle infrastructure at many of Grubb’s communities.

Among the key takeaways:

  • Grubb Properties’ combined 2021 GRESB score improved by 19% over its 2020 score, its first year of GRESB participation. GRESB is a global benchmark for real estate ESG performance.
  • Grubb Properties is committed to certifying 100% of all new construction under leading green building standards, primarily NGBS and LEED.
Grubb Properties
  • At Grubb Properties’ green-certified Link ApartmentsSM communities, residents save an average 15% on energy over comparable non-certified buildings. Owner-paid common area expenses are 17% lower and water usage is reduced 23%.
  • Grubb Properties has reduced parking by 1,428 spaces since 2018, at a savings of at least $30,000 per space. Simultaneously, it has provided residents with 636 bike spaces and designed advanced new bike facilities to support them.
  • Michael Wexler of Copenhagenize discussed the past, present, and future of urban biking. He also showcased the biking infrastructure at Grubb Properties Glen Lennox community in Chapel Hill, NC.
Grubb Properties

Find a replay of the webinar, or you can download Grubb Properties’ inaugural ESG report below.