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Link Apartments® Opportunity Zone REIT

Qualified Opportunity Fund Program

A Qualified Opportunity Fund is an investment vehicle created by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 to encourage investment and spur development in newly created Qualified Opportunity Zones (QOZs). By investing recently realized capital gains into a Qualified Opportunity Fund, an investor is eligible to receive two primary tax benefits:
  • Deferral of capital gains tax on the previous investment until December 31, 2026
  • Complete exclusion from capital gains tax of the appreciation of the fund investment at realization, following a 10-year holding period

Grubb Properties has deep experience and a positive track record with projects in these areas. By the time the legislation was implemented, we already had four Link Apartments® sites in development or in service in QOZs.

With shovel-ready seed investments, and our longtime commitment to working with communities, our Qualified Opportunity Fund offers significant advantages to investors, businesses and neighborhoods.

Asset Value
Net Asset Value as of December 31, 2021
Seed investments located in 8 markets across the US
Owned Properties
Initial Portfolio of owned properties and pipeline of properties under contract based on anticipated total project cost

Investment Strategy

Essential Housing

The investment strategy for Link Apartments℠ focuses on building new Essential Housing, one of the most resilient asset classes with high resident demand and very little new moderate-priced apartment inventory.

Essential Housing sits between luxury and affordable housing and focuses on the young Millennial and Gen-Z workforce struggling to afford the rising cost of housing.

Link Apartments℠

We pursue Essential Housing through our Link Apartments℠ developments where Grubb Properties has made a commitment to developing highly innovative, efficient, scalable, and branded solutions that help fill the growing essential housing gap across the United States. With a focus on location (urban, transit-oriented, close to major fixed employers) and price point with target rents affordable to residents earning 60-140% of the area median income, Link Apartments℠ offers a creative and resilient solution.




Map of the United States

Tier 1 - Resilient

Tier 2 - Growth

PropertySize (units / sq ft)Asset Type
Beauregard Office211,025 sq ftCommercial
Link Apartments® H Street191 unitsMultifamily
PropertySize (units)Asset Type
Link Apartments® Solana70 unitsMultifamily
Link Apartments® NoHo125 unitsMultifamily
Link Apartments® Kora246 unitsMultifamily
Link Apartments® Korella77 unitsMultifamily
Link Apartments® Vine153 unitsMultifamily
PropertySize (units)Asset Type
Link Apartments® Fitz405 unitsMultifamily
PropertySize (units)Asset Type
Link Apartments® Queens Plaza416 unitsMultifamily
PropertySize (units)Asset Type
Link Apartments® Hempstead166 unitsMultifamily
PropertySize (units)Asset Type
Link Apartments® Four12157 unitsMultifamily
PropertySize (units)Asset Type
Link Apartments® 4th Street224 unitsMultifamily
PropertySize (units / sq ft)Asset Type
137 E Franklin118,517 sq ftCommercial
UNC Office / Lab237,000 sq ftCommercial
Link Apartments® Rosemary165 unitsMultifamily
PropertySize (units / sq ft)Asset Type
Link Apartments® NoDa at 36th128,000 sq ftCommercial
Link Apartments® NoDa Ph I292 unitsMultifamily
Link Apartments® NoDa Ph II242 unitsMultifamily
CYKEL Apartments104 unitsMultifamily

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