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Fund VII

Flagship Fund

Grubb Properties acquires, renovates, develops, and manages multifamily housing in select resilient and high-growth markets across the United States. Grubb Properties’ flagship fund, Fund VII, focuses on U.S.-based Essential Housing through its Link ApartmentsSM brand given that the Millennial and Gen-Z workforce is facing severe housing affordability challenges in major metropolitan areas. While development will be the primary execution method, the Fund may also include acquisitions where existing properties can be upgraded and re-branded. In addition, Grubb Properties will look for opportunities to source land and create parking synergies through the acquisition of commercial properties to drive down capital and operating costs for its Essential Housing strategy.

Grubb Properties
Total real estate assets
Total real estate assets under management as of December 31, 2021

Investment Strategy

Essential Housing

The investment strategy for Link Apartments℠ focuses on building new Essential Housing, one of the most resilient asset classes with high resident demand and very little new moderate-priced apartment inventory.

Essential Housing sits between luxury and affordable housing and focuses on the young Millennial and Gen-Z workforce struggling to afford the rising cost of housing.

Link Apartments℠

We pursue Essential Housing through our Link Apartments℠ developments where Grubb Properties has made a commitment to developing highly innovative, efficient, scalable, and branded solutions that help fill the growing essential housing gap across the United States. With a focus on location (urban, transit-oriented, close to major fixed employers) and price point with target rents affordable to residents earning 60-140% of the area median income, Link Apartments℠ offers a creative and resilient solution.




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