Grubb Properties’ mission is to maximize the performance of the assets that have been entrusted to us.

Grubb Properties was built on a firm fiduciary commitment established by Robert Grubb when he founded the company in 1963. For more than 50 years, our deep experience and long-term outlook have guided us through cyclical real estate markets. Today that commitment to diligent research, innovative investments and consistent returns for investors in our real estate projects is carried on by a tested team that prides itself in building trust through proven responsibility, a strict vetting process, and excellent execution.

Since 2002, the company has completed more than $1 billion real estate investment transactions. The sum total of all transactions generated a compounded, net, weighted-average return in excess of 40%.

At the heart of our success is a disciplined investment process. Through our comprehensive database and long-established relationships with owners, brokers and other sources, we build a steady pipeline of potential real estate investments. The pipeline is presented weekly to our investment committee through a rigorous process where we typically vet close to 100 investments for every one we secure. All acquisitions require a complete business plan and approval at three distinct stages – prior to contract, prior to expiration of our exhaustive due diligence, and prior to closing. After closing, the investment committee reviews all assets in transition monthly and all stabilized investments quarterly to evaluate performance, review valuations, and scrutinize strategic plans.

Alignment of interest is essential in our business, which is why we invest a meaningful portion of our own capital in each of our real estate investments. We are committed to transparency with quarterly, user-friendly reports for all company investments, so that investors are able to monitor their investments in our real estate projects and funds.

Grubb Properties: People who care about protecting your valuable equity.

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