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About Link Apartments

Grubb Properties works hard to build multifamily spaces where every resident can feel that they belong. Our passion and commitment ensure that our Link Apartments® communities are thoughtfully developed and are located where residents can thrive, work is closer, and life is just a little easier to enjoy.





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Our Link Apartments® communities bring our vision to life through the acquisition, development and management of moderately priced multifamily options that deliver a delightful living experience without sacrifice. With Grubb Properties' history of innovation in finding new ways to alleviate the housing pressures faced by many today, we stay focused on what matters to our residents, our planet and to each other.

New ideas
New Ideas

Creative, inspired, and staying at the forefront of progressive building trends and designs, our homes are uniquely livable. We combine high-end finishes with consumer-driven amenities and the right technology. Our innovative floorplans make your livable space more productive and economic with lower utility expenses and less wasted space. And our innovative approach to parking and transportation also contributes to cost savings.

A Greener World
A Greener World

We’ve long believed that responsible development and quality lifestyle can coexist. We build intelligently designed units with repurposed building materials, ENERGY Star® appliances and LED lighting to help our residents manage their utility costs, and include electric vehicle chargers on site. All our new construction is National Green Building Standard-certified, a testament to our climate-efficient design.


Link Apartments® communities focus on ensuring that when you step onto the property, it feels like home. With communities in culturally urbanized, diverse locations, we emphasize fun, modern inventive, and healthy lifestyles. Our communities are designed for our residents’ optimal engagement, enjoyment, and sociability. We prioritize pedestrian and bike accessibility, pets, and common and cool shared spaces, including our pool, workout and yoga facilities, all contributing to our Link Apartments® vibe.


The U.S. housing shortage is high, with an estimated shortfall of 3.8 million homes needed to meet demand (source: The Linneman Letter, Spring 2023). This shortage especially impacts those in the middle of the income spectrum, earning too much for subsidized rents but not enough to afford the “luxury” apartments currently saturating the market.

Grubb Properties, founded in 1963, has stayed true to our mission of providing quality, accessible homes in desirable urban locations. Our experience over the past 60 years has improved our ability to build an innovative product at a price point that provides options where the housing gap continues to cause pain. This is our specialty and where we will continue to innovate, improve and build. We keep the needs of our residents in view, stay true to our mission and demonstrate unwavering commitment to our vision: Working Together to Make a Meaningful Impact on America’s Housing Crisis.

This laser focus has enabled us to grow from a small Southeast-focused company to one with a national footprint that includes a significant pipeline all under our Link Apartments® brand. We are known for delivering a consistent customer experience across all our properties.

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