People who care. Places that matter.

Grubb Properties’ vision is working together to enhance life and community through the creation and management of exceptional real estate environments.

In 1963, Robert Grubb founded Grubb Properties with a commitment to integrity, to fiduciary responsibility and to the improvement in the quality of his community. In those early years, Grubb Properties provided homeownership opportunities to hundreds of families in redlined neighborhoods – a history of compassion and caring that remains an important part of our culture today.

For more than 50 years, our deep experience, diligent research and long-term outlook have guided us through the cyclical real estate markets. As a vertically integrated real estate operating company, Grubb Properties offers a wide range of expertise in property management, development and construction. Our commitment to being a top-tier asset manager, combined with superb execution, has resulted in an excellent investment track record.

Our multi-generational firm is owned by our employees and board members. Our tested senior management team has a combined 200+ years of industry experience. Grubb Properties’ entire team is committed to complete customer satisfaction and is a champion of energy efficiency and sustainability in all of our properties and business practices.

We stay focused on the vibrant southeastern U.S. markets, with their strong household formation and positive job growth. Within those markets, our daily investment and development decisions are based on supply-and-demand fundamentals, rather than the mere availability of capital that often drives speculation and creates unsustainable real estate bubbles. As part of our commitment to creating community, Grubb Properties caps rental increases for long-term residents enhancing the stability of our neighborhoods.

Grubb Properties: People who care about integrity, respect, customer satisfaction, timeliness, fairness, consistency and continuous improvement.