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6 Tips For Sustainable Apartment Living

Sustainable Apartment Living

Are you looking for ways to make living in your apartment more sustainable? Check out these unique ideas!

1) Cooler Summers With Intelligent Designs

Whether your apartment comes with blinds or you have curtains that go with your aesthetic, make sure all the windows are covered during the summer. Sunlight beaming through your apartment window can heat an apartment swiftly. Consider installing heat-reducing film on the windows, which can diminish approximately 30% of heat entering the apartment. As a bonus, this aids in keeping warm air inside during the winter months!

2) Get Off Of Junk Mail Lists

Residents of apartments are the biggest targets for credit card offers and catalogs. By opting out, not only are you minimizing those annoying offers you get weekly, but you’re also ensuring the environment has a more sustainable life.

Here are some statistics regarding junk mail to think about:
  • This accounts for about 308,000 pounds of paper.
  • 65% of that paper doesn’t get recycled.
  • State and local governments spend around $320 million/ year to get rid of junk mail.
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3) Reducing Your Apartment’s Electric Bill

Did you know that most electronic devices in your apartment remain on, even when they’re turned off?

The great news is there are ways to counteract the small but consistent energy usage. One option is simply unplugging devices and cords or turning the power strip off whenever they’re not in use or you’re gone for an extended period. Consider trying a smart plug as well, which allows you to control electronic devices through a smartphone or tablet wirelessly.

4) Use Less Bottled Water

Frequently buying cases of bottled water is not cost-effective, let alone the amount of plastic waste being thrown out.

Instead of constantly buying bottled water, try using water filters. You can choose two selections: a filtering device that can be attached to a kitchen faucet or a water pitcher with a filter inside. These are two eco-friendly options that will save you money and ensure you always have clean water at your convenience.

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5) Shop With Reusable Bags

There are many benefits to reusable bags!

For starters, less plastic waste is being used. The plastic bags given at grocery stores or markets can be flimsy, but you can count on reliability and durability with reusable bags. You can also carry a lot more, so no more multi-trip grocery unloading.

6) Eliminate Single-Use Items

Using non-single-use items is not only cost-efficient but is eco-friendly to the environment!

Benefits of reducing single-use items and using multi-use alternatives.
  • It saves money & saves energy.
  • Allows products to be used to their fullest.
  • Reduces waste sent to landfills or incinerators.
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Link Apartments® is committed to building sustainable apartment communities in developing areas throughout the country. Learn more about our link apartment commitment to efficiency | link apartments® about our sustainable building efforts!

Sustainable Apartment Living