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Envoy car share

Electric Car Sharing Service Now Available!

Envoy + Link Apartments®

Link Apartments® now offers the Envoy brand of community-based electric services! Link Apartments® partners with Envoy to provide residents with on-demand access to electric vehicles for personal needs as part of our commitment to green technology, community support, and environmental stewardship.

En­voy‘s community-based electric car-sharing service offers electric vehicles as an exclusive amenity to apartment communities, hotels, and select workplaces. Using the Envoy car-sharing app, Link Apartments® residents can reserve zero-emission transportation options that are affordable, responsible, and safe. In addition, Envoy electric vehicles are conveniently located at dedicated on-site parking spaces with EV charging stations.

Car sharing service

What’s Included With Envoy

Envoy vehicles come with several service features to make accessing them convenient and straightforward.

  • Electric Vehicles – Envoy offers Link Apartments® several Tesla and other brands of vehicles available for use.
  • Charging Stations – Each Envoy vehicle has its own dedicated, fast level 2 charging station and parking space.
  • Envoy Mobile App – Residents can easily register, reserve, and unlock our electric vehicles with the Envoy mobile car-sharing app.
  • Vehicle Maintenance – Envoy works with Goodyear and Simply Clean to keep cars in top shape with regular maintenance, waterless car washes, and sanitization.
  • Insurance Coverage – Envoy provides basic auto insurance for drivers of our electric car-sharing vehicles as well as liability insurance for properties providing the service.
  • Customer Support – Drivers can contact customer support seven days a week with any questions. Customer support can assist with booking, help with a flat tire, and advise those driving an electric vehicle for the first time.

How the App Works

Using the Envoy car-sharing app is a snap.

All you need to register is a driver’s license and credit card.

Add your location along with the location code provided by Links Apartments®. Then you’re ready to go!.

Reserve a vehicle by the hour or the day, select your times and preferred car from the available list. Then, go to that vehicle’s designated parking spot and press “Start” to unlock the vehicle and begin your trip. Use the app later when it’s time to lock up.

Once your journey is complete, return the vehicle to its parking spot, plug in the charger, report any damage that might have occurred while out, then follow the prompts on the app to complete your experience.

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Mobility For All

Envoy’s mission is to make electric car-sharing an inclusive experience. Car-sharing is convenient, environmentally friendly, and saves you money. You only use it when you need it.

Links Apartments® is proud to provide this service to its residents. For more information, contact Links Apartments® today!

envoy car sharing service