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How to make friends new place

How To Connect With Neighbors In A New Community

How To Connect With Neighbors

Connecting with new people can be one of the more significant challenges when settling into a new community. You might be moving into a residential apartment complex or condo. You might be living in a new neighborhood. Whatever your situation, it’s not unusual to feel like a stranger.

The good news is that turning things around and meeting your neighbors can be pretty straightforward. You can even find yourself with new friends in short order.

Here are six easy ways you can connect with your neighbors after you’ve moved into a new community. Give some or all a try and see how well they work for you.

1) Scan the Bulletin Boards

Most apartment buildings have bulletin boards near the major entrances. Some even have them on individual floors across from elevators or stairwells. Give these a look to see if there are any meetups, clubs, or other events happening.

2) Visit the Social Areas

Either before you choose to live in a particular apartment complex or community—or after you’ve settled in—visit the on-site amenities. Gyms, common rooms, lounges, and so forth are a great way to meet your neighbors. Some residential apartment communities have group fitness classes and pools. These are also super ways to meet new people.

Popular community amenities

3) Wander the Grounds

After you’ve visited all of the indoor amenities, see what the outside is like. Are there people congregating by a fire pit or on benches? Look for playgrounds, basketball courts, or jogging paths to get a feel for the kind of people you’ll be living near. Use this as an opportunity to say hello.

4) Walk the Neighborhood

There’s more to connecting than meeting people in your apartment complex or community. Take a walk around the neighborhood. Visit some local cafes and restaurants. Where do people do their shopping? Many of these places may also have bulletin boards or signage advertising local events where you can meet new folk.

5) Organize an Event or Club

If there doesn’t seem to be much happening around your community, you can always start something yourself. What are your interests? You could create a book club, or a jogging or exercise group. You could organize a game night in one of the common areas or host an event in your home.

If your building or community has a newsletter, advertise your group or meet up there. If there are bulletin boards, make use of those as well. Just make sure you have permission to post.

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6) Use Social Media (with caution)

Social media apps like Facebook or Twitter can be a great way to learn who’s living in your community, what events are going on, what your shared interests might be, and what meetup opportunities there are. Start by Googling the name of your community or its address and see if any links pop up that lead to a social media account.

The only caveat is that many social media community groups can be inhabited by individuals who prefer to complain and troll instead of adding anything productive. Try not to let it color your perception of your community too much. These people are often few but loud. There will be plenty of other people there who welcome friendly, supportive discussion. But if you find a social media account for your community is too toxic, go ahead and stop following that group.

The above suggestions should already go a long way in helping you meet new people you can soon become friends with.

7) Don’t Be a Stranger

Meeting people doesn’t have to be complicated.

Once you get started, you’ll find that momentum will carry you the rest of the way. Now that you’ve settled into your new home, you can now enjoy your new friends and neighbors.

How To Make Friends In New Places