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Intelligent apartment construction

Intelligent Apartment Building Design

Building For The Future

As we continue to barrel through the first few decades of the 21st century, the United States is experiencing one of the largest housing crises ever experienced. Over the past few years, there has been a growing gap between moderately priced rental housing and rising demand from those who earn between 60% and 140% of area median income. Supply chain problems and other issues have caused new home construction costs to skyrocket. Many young workers and their families are looking for good, affordable places to live closer to work or school and reflect their generational values.

Grubb Properties is taking a unique approach to the demand for essential housing with Link Apartments® featuring intelligent design, green living, and resident amenities as a low-cost, urban infill living opportunity.

Grubb Properties is dedicated to finding ways to make its communities more cost-effective, efficient, and clean. By focusing on creative and progressive building and unit design, Link Apartments® are for efficiency. Most Link Apartments® apartment communities offer six basic floor plans that benefit both construction and the residential living experience.

Intelligent building design

How Grubb Properties Employs Intelligent Design

Grubb Properties uses several innovations they have developed to build the apartment communities of the future and serve to fill the essential housing gap.

First, they focus on acquiring office buildings with established parking that can be rezoned for multifamily housing. Where possible, they develop structures that can have shared parking for both business and residential uses. Fewer overall parking spaces cut down on the land needed for parking and lower construction costs.

The limited six floor plans used at all Link Apartments® communities make construction more standardized and benefit costs. Keeping apartment designs to six also means unit finishes, fit-outs, and utility arrangements are more efficient and cost-controlled.

The intelligent design of apartment communities goes beyond just layout and construction. Grubb Properties builds long-term relationships with residents by creating a portfolio-wide long-term resident program that financially rewards residents who have earned longevity. To help encourage long-term residency, Link Apartments® offers a wealth of onsite amenities, including:

  • Controlled access parking
  • Supplemental storage options
  • Fitness and yoga centers
  • Cycle centers with storage
  • Clubhouses with kitchens
  • Outdoor gas grilling stations
  • EV charging stations
  • Secure package delivery
  • Pools, sundecks, dog parks, and more!

Link Apartments® also feature consumer-driven amenities and smart technology, such as adaptive and efficient heating and cooling systems, ENERGY STAR® appliances, smart leak sensors to minimize water waste, and LED lighting. Link Apartments® residents’ energy bills are on average 15% lower than they would be at comparable properties.

Intelligent apartment construction

Going a Step Beyond

While many apartment communities may offer some of the above-listed amenities, Grubb Properties goes the extra mile to not only attract professionals looking for affordable housing but ensure they become long-term residents as well.

Grubb Properties has partnered with Copenhagenize Design Co. to plan and design “bike- and walk-first” neighborhoods, cutting down on residents’ needs for cars (and car payments) without sacrificing access to essential shopping and recreation.

Similarly, a pilot program being tried at several Link Apartments® allows residents to rent a Tesla Model 3 for as little as an hour and up to several days, freeing many from the expense and hassles of individual car ownership.

Environmentally Responsible

Another aspect of intelligent design when it comes to providing essential housing is a focus on environmental consciousness. The new generation of American workers and professionals are keenly aware of the need for sustainable, environmentally-friendly practices.

In addition to the energy-efficient amenities in each Link Apartments®, Grubb Properties also promotes biodiversity preservation, soil impact minimization, and pollution mitigation at its building sites. They are also committed to regionally appropriate, drought-resistant, and pollinator-friendly landscaping.

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For more information, visit our Grubb Properties website at to see how our essential housing investment strategy starts with principle.

intelligent building design