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Contemporary Art

Link Apartments® Montford Unveils Contemporary Art


The geometric themes in Georgie’s work preludes to the connection between science and art itself. Self-taught, Nakima began painting conceptual abstract designs to pay homage to the Diaspora while accenting nature and biodiversity. After going to Northwest School of the Arts, she attended Winston-Salem State University with the intention to explore natural science and biology. Today, she uses art to visualize the interconnectedness of communities and their environment on a micro and macro level. To learn more about her work, feel free to visit


Interstellar is the combination of two murals located in the Link Apartments® Montford leasing center designed and created by artist, Georgie Nakima. The purpose was to embody the architectural elements of the Link brand and develop this into a visual landscape. Her designs create a synergy that bridges contrasting details as seen in the color scheme of warmth vs coolness, fluidity vs geometry, and construction vs nature. Overall, the function of this piece is to foster a visual collaboration that creates more impactful and positive engagement between the artist, the art, and the viewer.