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What to look for in a studio apartment

What To Look For In A Studio Apartment

Best Studio Apartment Features

Moving into a studio might be a worthy option to consider if you’re looking to save money on rent without taking on a roommate or settling for a less-than-ideal location. Depending on the area, studio apartments can cost hundreds of dollars less than most one-bedroom apartments.

At the same time, living in a studio apartment might be an adjustment for first-time renters. However, if you can locate one that meets your needs and is reasonably priced, you might find the experience more pleasant than you’d initially expect.

Here are five things to look for when hunting for a quality studio apartment.

1) Sufficient Livable Space

Your studio apartment’s living space should make you feel at ease. While studio apartments tend toward the small size, you shouldn’t settle for a living space that makes you feel claustrophobic. Instead, ensure the main area of your studio apartment has enough room for a desk, a living area, and a bedroom area. Your house should feel like a home, not a monk’s cell, no matter what size.

2) Ample Natural Light

Most studio apartments have large windows, making a small studio apartment feel bigger. The direction the windows face will affect how much light the flat gets. North and south-facing windows don’t get direct sun. East or west exposure guarantees light (at least during the day).

Because light creates the sense of a larger apartment, buy curtains that don’t block windows when open. You can also hang mirrors across from windows to increase natural light in your workspace.

More lighting can help decrease energy waste as you’ll use less electric lighting during the day without sacrificing brightness and visibility.

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3) Vertical Space

Because you’ll have limited horizontal space in a studio, look for a place with generous ceiling height. High ceilings can make your apartment look more prominent and provide more room to hang stuff.

Install shelves for extra storage and mount your TV to a wall to avoid needing a TV stand. Choose tall bookshelves or dressers to maximize vertical space and save floor space.

4) Generous Storage

Living in a studio apartment doesn’t mean sacrificing storage space. On the contrary, you’ll need that storage because a small area can quickly get cluttered and disorganized. Keeping extra items in a closet area will make your space look neater, more organized, and bigger.

Closets may not be enough if you’re downsizing from a larger home. Instead, look for an apartment complex with storage units if you can’t fit a piece of furniture in your studio. Basements and parking garages often have spots reserved for this purpose.

5) Full-Sized Appliances

A smaller apartment shouldn’t mean smaller appliances. If you enjoy cooking, your studio apartment should include a normal-sized fridge and stove. Studio apartments with a dishwasher or washer and dryer are rare, but a studio apartment that offers full-sized appliances will make for a nicer living experience.

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Living In Style No Matter the Size

Studio apartments have a lot to offer the right renter. Most are located in the most vibrant parts of a community—close to fine dining, entertainment, and bustling nightlife. Many apartment communities also offer onsite gyms, secure access, and social areas.

Take your time and know what you’re looking for. Then, when you find the right place, you’ll know.

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