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Perspective Drives Performance

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With principles that have remained steadfast for 60 years, we’ve taken a different approach to private equity real estate investment opportunities, strategically focused on essential housing. Through the decades, our company has continually evolved to be ever-more impactful and higher performing.


The potential for outstanding returns.
real estate investment returns

Our track record has demonstrated consistent and strong investment returns, even through the past eight recessions.

The assurance of financial stability.
real estate investment opportunities

Having weathered eight recessions and numerous disasters, we are skilled at finding the best financial opportunities, always remaining disciplined in our approach and focus on moderate income housing.

The solidity of value-based investing.
real estate investment opportunities

Identifying opportunities others miss, our company has always seen a bigger picture with greater possibility.



Consistent returns

Since 2002, Grubb Properties’ transactions have generated a compounded, net, weighted-average return in excess of 40%.


Established relationships

We have investors across a spectrum of investor types, including individuals, wealth management firms, foundations, endowments, pensions, insurance companies and family offices.


Number of vetted opportunities for every one secured

Our rigorous procedure is driven by decades of experience and includes a disciplined investment committee process and exhaustive checklist.


Explore investments with Grubb Properties.

Our strategy based on demographic-driven demand has produced a consistently strong fund track record. See our investment opportunities.

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Learn about people who care and places that matter.

In business since 1963, Grubb Properties today is majority employee- and board-owned. We create, develop, operate and manage real estate investments including commercial, multifamily and mixed-use projects. We also have three corporate offices in North Carolina — in Charlotte, Cary and Winston-Salem — one in Atlanta, Georgia, and one in San Jose, California.

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