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Our Focus

Perspective keeps us focused.

Grubb Properties focuses on essential housing, which is urgently needed throughout the United States. Despite this need, very little new construction is built to meet this demand, which falls between affordable housing and luxury housing. As experts in meeting this need for more than 50 years, we are also uniquely organized to seize on changing attitudinal, housing and social dynamics that fit with our strategic mission.


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Our investment strategy is focused on essential housing, which we believe to be one of the most resilient and yet one of the least-talked-about asset classes.

grubb properties core disciplines

The golden rule for us is location, basis and design. To meet the demand for essential housing, we use a number of creative development methods such as innovative site acquisition, a shared parking strategy, design efficiencies offering just six floor plans at our communities, partnerships and pursuing tax breaks with localities.

Leasing and Management
grubb properties core disciplines

We do not invest in properties we don’t want to own for at least 10 years, and we develop long-term relationships with our tenants and surrounding communities. Not only do we target rents that are affordable to residents earning 60-140% of the area median income, but we also cap rent increases for residents of 5+ years. We do not outsource property management.



We focus on essential housing.

Grubb Properties pursues essential housing through our Link Apartments® developments, a strategy that we have perfected over the last decade. This work, along with our deep expertise in creative methods, is why we are best positioned to take advantage of the current moment. Learn more about essential housing.

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We encourage you to consider this outstanding opportunity.

QOZ investing represents one of the greatest confluences of tax incentives, capital deployment opportunities and community impact to become available to investors in decades. Learn more about Qualified Opportunity Zone investing.

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grubb properties core disciplines
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We take a bigger world view.

In line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) framework, we’re creating places that make a significant difference.

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Explore investments with Grubb Properties.

Our strategy based on demographic-driven demand has produced a consistently strong fund track record. See our once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunities.

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