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Our Story

Perspective starts with principle.

Beginning in 1963, Grubb Properties built our company on principle and took a different approach to real estate by creating housing for those who had been “redlined” from homeownership through banks practicing a form of loan discrimination. Today, we continue to deliver essential housing for the underserved with highly strategic investing, development, leasing and property management through our Link Apartments®. In fact, Grubb Properties may be one of the only companies in the country to focus solely on this critical market sector, offering excellent quality of life for our residents, improvements to our communities and potentially outstanding returns for our investors.


Entrepreneurship comes together with compassion.

Grubb Properties has created value by combining prosperity with compassion. Our goal is to identify and execute on strategies to drive down the cost of housing and provide people with safe and stable homes — a critical component of a healthy community. We actively engage with our communities. By participating in places and connecting with residents, we are continually involved with how communities are changing as we contribute to wellbeing by making them happier, prosperous, and sustainable.


How we see leads to how we succeed.

We begin by astutely identifying gaps in the marketplace and seeing opportunities others miss by employing powerful tools.

Market Intelligence
grubb properties work

Six decades of proprietary market intelligence

grubb properties work

Disciplined methodology to align with demand and to manage risk

grubb properties work

Relentless tracking of customer, market and demographic trends; project outcomes; and forecasting models

Any opportunity that passes our initial scrutiny then meets with our laser-focused team of experts. Collaboratively and holistically, they assess its potential against stringent measures for financing, building, selling, managing, community impact and sustainability, among other criteria.



Being vertically integrated keeps us connected.

As a vertically integrated company, we don’t stop with development as most in our industry do. In fact, we don’t invest in any property we don’t plan to own for at least 10 years. As a result, we handle leasing and property management while also becoming involved in community building.


Read about our vision.

Creating the Urban Dream: Tackling the Affordable Housing Crisis With Compassion For generations, homeownership has been an avenue to a better life. But discriminatory policies left many people out, and today’s trend of rising home prices continues to put housing beyond the reach of significant sectors of the workforce. This is particularly true in America’s urban centers, where a shortage of affordable housing is stifling social and economic mobility.

We must face this problem with a balance of compassion and competence. As described in Creating the Urban Dream the solution will require the efforts of many — including the public sector, private developers, financial institutions and community leaders — all working together to find creative solutions rather than relying on the policies of the past.




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  • 1963

    Robert Grubb incorporates a home-building business that combines property with compassion and will later become Grubb Properties

  • 1972

    Grubb Properties becomes the largest home-builder in Davidson County, NC

  • 1994

    Grubb Properties creates its first fund, Rexford LLC, which achieves a 5.5x multiple and a 47% IRR for its original investors

  • 1999

    Grubb Properties creates Sterling Real Properties, LLC, a $175 million fund with Invesco Realty Advisors

  • 2010

    Grubb Properties, having refrained from any new investments since August 2005, launches Fund I to pursue attractive real estate investments coming out of the Global Financial Crisis

  • 2016

    Link Apartments℠ becomes the company's primary growth strategy, focusing on the creation of urban essential housing at a time when America is facing its greatest housing affordability crisis

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We do the hard work.

With the acumen to thoroughly assess opportunities, we’re also uniquely organized to seize on changing attitudinal, housing and social dynamics that fit with our strategic mission.

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Our strategy based on demographic-driven demand has produced a consistently strong fund track record. Learn more about our real estate strategy and our investment opportunities.

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