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Community Greenway Etiquette Tips

Trail Etiquette: Guidelines for the Greenway

Whether you live a very active lifestyle or prefer to take things slower, you can benefit from having a greenway in your community. They’re great places for a run or a casual walk through a verdant landscape alongside others in your neighborhood.

If you haven’t checked out your local greenway yet, here’s what you should know.

What Is a Greenway?

Greenways are stretches of land often used to connect people and places. These open space corridors are usually made up of natural features, such as rivers and streams, or manufactured spaces, such as former railroad lines or spaces between neighborhoods.

Greenways can positively affect an area with vegetated buffers that protect natural habitats, reduce erosion and flooding, and improve water quality. In addition, many greenways feature paved and unpaved trails perfect for recreation, bicycle commutes, skaters, walkers, horseback riders, wheelchair use, and social or civic gatherings.

To better serve residents, Link Apartments® intentionally builds apartment communities near greenways.

Bike friendly apartments

How To Use a Greenway

Chances are there’s a greenway near you waiting to be used. Before you head out to explore, there are 13 good etiquette tips you should know to make sure everyone has a good time.

  1. Stay to the right-hand side of the path except when passing. You should always pass on the left. If appropriate, give an audible warning when you’re about to pass so that those around you aren’t startled.
  2. Pedestrians always have the right of way. Nonetheless, pedestrians should also exercise caution and be aware that some riders may not be able to stop or maneuver safely in time.
  3. Always be considerate of other trail users. Don’t drop trash. Most greenways will have trash receptacles available. If there are none, take your trash with you.
  4. Avoid stopping and standing on a trail that blocks other users. If you need to stop, move off the path to one side so others can pass freely.
  5. Should an area along the greenway get a bit crowded, form a single line, so it’s easier for people to pass in either direction.
  6. If you’re bringing children, make sure they are not walking or standing in fast-travel lanes meant for bicycles or rollerblades.
  7. Cyclists should ride single file and at a safe speed. They should reduce speed in crowded spots or areas with reduced visibility or other hazards such as hills and turns.
  8. Always wear reflective clothing and use reflectors and lights when using the trails after dark. This applies to anyone traveling along a path, including cyclists, joggers, or people simply out for a walk.
  9. Use the buddy system and walk with others when you can. It’s not only safer, but it can also be more fun.
  10. Be aware of your surroundings. This can mean avoiding isolated areas by yourself and not letting earbuds or loud audio keep you from hearing oncoming traffic.
  11. Parking is often available on one or both ends of a greenway. When leaving your vehicle, make sure your valuables are secured and out of sight.
  12. If dogs are allowed, they should be kept on a lead no longer than six feet. Maintain good control—especially when coming across other dogs.
  13. And it should go without saying… always clean up after your dog. Dispose of waste bags in the trash or designated receptacles.

The Greenway Near You

Greenways are great ways to meet people, get some exercise, and enjoy the nature your community has to offer. If you live in a Link Apartments® community, you may be closer to all this than you realize.

Why wait?

Now that you know all about greenways, it’s time to get out see what your greenway has to offer you.

Greenway Etiquette