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Grubb Properties Investor Relations

Developing Investor Confidence: The Power of Transparent Communication

By Grubb Properties Investor Relations Team

At Grubb Properties, the Investor Relations Team is dedicated to fostering transparent, honest, and effective communication between our company and its investors. The IR Team plays a crucial role in ensuring that our funds and their activities are presented with utmost transparency, keeping all investors well-informed about Grubb Properties’ performance and prospects.

Among the highlights of our responsibilities and initiatives:

  • Onboarding Process: The Investor Relations Team ensures a streamlined onboarding process. This includes granting investors Alter Domus portal access, providing access to fund marketing materials, assisting with subscription agreement completion, and collecting all necessary compliance-related documentation. 
  • Building and Managing Relationships: The Investor Relations Team works to form robust relationships with our investors and Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs). The Investor Relations Team serves as a crucial link between the company's leadership and its stakeholders. The IR Team is dedicated to addressing concerns and valuing feedback.
  • Customized and Comprehensive Investor Communication and Support: We provide our investors with a range of informative materials including Quarterly Reports, Quarterly Investor Summary Reports, individual investor Fund Financial Statements, and electronic tax documents to keep them well-informed year-round. Additionally, we are readily available via phone or email to address any specific inquiries.
  • Managing Investor Inquiries: The Investor Relations Team provides proactive communication with its regular updates, reports, and webinars to address potential questions before they arise. The Team maintains open lines of communication responding to investor questions promptly, clearly, and accurately. Our investors can contact us at for assistance. 
  • Increased Electronic Account Management: We recently redesigned our investor portal to provide easier navigation between investments, reports, and documents and now offer electronic submission for all fund documents. Of course, security is paramount, with multi-factor authentication to ensure our system can be utilized with confidence.
  • Facilitating Due Diligence: The Investor Relations team ensures that the due diligence process is conducted efficiently, accurately, and in compliance with all relevant legal and regulatory standards. This is crucial in building trust and confidence among current and potential investors.
  • Opportunities for Feedback: We field an annual Investor Experience Survey to ensure our investors have a voice, and we use the survey results to prioritize future development. In addition, our Annual Investor Meeting offers us the opportunity to express our gratitude to our investors in person and gives our investors a chance to meet the people behind Grubb Properties' funds. 
Grubb Properties Investor Relations
Grubb Properties’ Investor Relations team at our 2023 Annual Investor Meeting

We believe outstanding personal attention is one reason many of our investors have been with us for years and have trusted us with multiple investments.

To continue providing top-quality service to our growing investor audience, we have expanded our team. These new members join Sherry Long, Managing Director, Investor Relations, and Jennifer Flora, Vice President, Investor Relations, who manage all investor communications, and due diligence requests.

  • Taylor Prezelski, Associate, Investor Relations, and Devin Smith, Associate, Investor Relations. Taylor and Devin help with developing, communicating, and maintaining valuable long-term relationships with Grubb Properties’ investors. They proactively monitor and document all significant communication, serving as a point of contact for all investors and shareholders by communicating the company’s investment message to the investment community on behalf of Grubb Properties.
  • Kayleigh Herre, Analyst, Investor Relations. Kayleigh provides reporting for fund investors and our joint venture partners, including creating specialized reports. She works closely with our finance and accounting teams and handles data integration across our internal platforms. Her other significant contributions include planning the annual investor meeting.

If you’re interested in learning more or have suggestions on ways in which we could improve our service, please reach out.