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Grubb Properties Set To Start Phase II in Glen Lennox Mixed-Use District

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (June 17, 2021) - Grubb Properties will start phase two redevelopment work of Glen Lennox this month. The scope of this work will focus on development of a mixed-use district, with upgrades to road infrastructure and greenspace.

In continuation of Grubb Properties’ development agreement, the Glen Lennox mixed-use district will be built on 18 acres split into eight blocks. The plans include a town green as a focal point, furthering the project’s commitment to provide vibrant, nourishing open spaces. It will also include bike paths through the development, as recommended by design firm Copenhagenize with the objective to support transit equity through bicycle facilities, walking paths, rideshare hubs, and mass transit connections.

“We’re excited to start the next phase that will drive long-term value and foster community connections within the Glen Lennox neighborhood,” said Whitney St. Charles, Commercial Development Associate with Grubb Properties. “Our partnership with ‘Of Place’ to create a pedestrian-focused experience will strengthen our ability to build a lively neighborhood.”

Of Place is an urban retail and development agency that creates long-term investment value by ensuring the success of retail in large, complex, neighborhood-making mixed-use projects. In Glen Lennox, the agency is pursuing the perfect grocery market partner to be one of the flagship retail projects in the community.

“We are honored to be working with the Town of Chapel Hill and the Glen Lennox neighborhood to create a place that inspires a sense of community,” said Alison Williams, a partner with Of Place. “We are committed to re-imagining the activation of places to ensure that our neighborhood is ultimately successful for all members of the community.”

Phase two will also include a multifamily component along with the mixed-use retail and commercial. A portion of Maxwell Road will be closed through June 2023 to accommodate construction vehicles and realign the road. Hamilton Road should be used as an alternate route. Lanark and Hayes Roads will maintain two-way traffic for the time-being. Grubb Properties will continue to provide updates throughout the duration of construction.

About Grubb Properties

Grubb Properties, founded in 1963, is a vertically integrated real estate fund manager focused on the Essential Housing space through its Link ApartmentsSM brand. The company targets residents earning between 60% and 140% of area median income (AMI), directly addressing a growing crisis for essential housing, while providing residents with exceptional living spaces. Grubb Properties maintains a long-term perspective and its careful and measured approach to real estate investment has delivered resilient and impressive returns. Grubb Properties has received numerous sustainability designations and recognitions, and undergoes annual ESG assessments through GRESB. For more information, visit

Grubb Properties’ CEO Clay Grubb is the author of the book “Creating the Urban Dream: Tackling the Affordable Housing Crisis with Compassion.”

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